Giuliana and Bill ‘Devastated’ over Surrogate’s Miscarriage

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Bill Rancic and Giuliana may have won over the hearts of viewers the nation over, but they are having so much trouble adding a few beating hearts to their family. The couple has been focused on adding a child to their family for a long time and they recently turned back to the surrogate method that gave them their first son, Duke, back in 2012. The E! family stars were recently devastated to hear that their surrogate mother, Delphine, had a miscarriage with their child at just over 9 weeks of pregnancy.

Having a child isn’t as easy as Hollywood can make it seem. Bill and Giuliana are no strangers to having trouble having kids. This is the second miscarriage that they have handled as the family. The first miscarriage happened to Giuliana, years back, when the couple was still trying a conventional approach to childbearing. They knew the inherent dangers of an early pregnancy and chose, this time around, to keep the news close to their vest. When the announcement finally came out that they were expecting again, it was immediately followed by the tragic news of a miscarriage.

Bill said in an interview that Delphine was “about nine weeks pregnant” and that they were “close to the safe zone”, but they just didn’t manage to make it. Rancic was quick to take any sort of the blame for the fate of Delphine. He called her “amazing” and that they “hit the surrogate lottery” when they met her. Giuliana was distraught and had a hard time facing the news, according to reports, but she reportedly is optimistic once again.

The little E! family right now is focused on their young son, Duke, who is almost 2 years old now. According to Giuliana he is a “ball of energy” that loves to flirt with all of the ladies they see out in public.

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