Ryan Gosling Cleverly Reveals He’s Still Dating Eva Mendes

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Ryan Gosling has always been perceived as the strong and silent type, and that’s exactly how he’s handled his relationship with Eva Mendes. Despite dating each other for over three years now, the two haven’t been seen in a photograph at the same time since last November. This has obviously led to rampant speculation that the mega stars have split up. Is it the truth? Well, if you believe in the clues that Ryan dropped on the red carpet last week, they are anything but splitting up!

At the red carpet premiere for his new flick, “White Shadow”, Ryan was seen wearing a large silver necklace. At the end of that necklace was a pendant with the word “Hugo” etched into it. Hugo is the name of Eva’s dog, and a pet that the smoking hot actress is very fond of. Two silver rings were also hanging on the necklace, giving more credence to the alleged engagement rumors that had begun to circulate.

These new rumors give hope that the two are still together despite a story breaking last October that insisted on an abrupt end to their romance. Eva herself put an end to that rumor by going on to the Ellen DeGeneres show. She joked to Ellen that she wasn’t a big Valentine’s Day person and that she would probably just “watch The Notebook or something.”

Now with these clues giving hope that they are still together, rumors of a secret wedding have begun to fly around town. Sources say that Ryan and Eva have been working on a secret wedding for the end of the year.

Before finding each other three years ago, Ryan had been dating his “Notebook” co-star, Rachel McAdams, while Eva was just ending a nine year relationship with the musician George Augusto.

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