Kerry Washington Welcomes Baby Daughter Isabelle

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Kerry Washington has a habit of setting the red carpet on fire, figuratively of course, and now she’s got the ‘breaking news’ reporters of the world seeing red. The stunning actress, and star of “Django Unchained”, gave birth to her daughter with NFL cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha towards the end of April. Not so unusual, right? Well, it turns out that Kerry and Nnamdi chose to hide the birth for almost two weeks as they preferred to stay out of the spotlight! Is this surprising for the beautiful couple? Not especially. The two celebrities have made it a mission to keep as much of their personal private life as possible. In fact, when Nnamdi and Kerry were married last June, in Idaho, they did it completely under the radar–nobody knew it was coming! Adding on to this, Kerry and Nnamdi rarely get to be seen in public with each other. It turns out all that secrecy might be worth it though, as the couple welcomed a healthy and happy baby to the world.

Their first child together got the name of Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha. A mouthful, hm? The middle name of “Amarachi” comes from the Igbo people of Nigeria and means “God’s Grace”. This name has particular meaning for Nnamdi. Nnamdi’s family came from Nigeria as immigrants to America in order to chase the American dream. Seeing as their son became a football star, and one of the best corners to ever touch the field, they can probably say “mission accomplished”.

Nnamdi and Kerry seemed to have taken a bit of a respite in order to prepare for their first child together. Outside of 3 games played in 2013, Nnamdi has largely been without a team and a contract. Kerry currently stars on the hit TV series, “Scandal”, and has several rods in the fire for future projects.

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