Selena Gomez Still Can’t Resist Justin Bieber

 Photo credit:  / Prphotos

Photo credit: / Prphotos

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have gone from being America’s hottest young couple to America’s most contentious on-again, off-again couple. Although Selena continues to insist on her single status, reports suggest that, once again, she’s been unable to resist the lure of the Biebs.

The latest addition in the never-ending saga of Jelena involves multiple sightings over the course of the past week. Rumors suggest that the two were recently seen emerging from a Starbucks in McAllen, Texas. Selena certainly made it clear that she’d visited the coffee joint, posting a selfie featuring a distinctive Starbucks beverage. She didn’t include Justin in any of her Instagram photos, but the paparazzi snagged a picture of the Biebs emerging from Starbucks — accompanied by a gal who, even while attempting to cover her face, looked an awful lot like Selena.

Jelena’s coffee date was followed by several additional outings, with the former (or, perhaps, current) lovebirds also hitting up Royal Perfume. Later, they were spotted leaving McAllen’s Action Dance Studio together. Sources claim the pair rented the studio for two hours and spent that time rehearsing with a choreographer. No word yet as to what they have up their sleeves, but given their extensive practice time in the studio, a joint performance could very well be in the works.

Fans of Selena Gomez hope that she’ll think twice before resuming her relationship with Justin Bieber. Although the two seemed to be all smiles while out and about in McAllen, their past history indicates that, despite their best efforts, they are simply not compatible. The last thing fans want to see is the depressed and anxious Selena of a few months back — a version of Selena that many believe resulted directly from her drama-heavy romance. Unfortunately, Selena’s Texas escapades suggest that she is once again falling into the Bieber trap.

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