Beyoncé Shares Intimate and Makeup-Free Photos While on Vacation With Jay-Z!

Photo credit: Beyonce / Pixsta

Photo credit: Beyonce / Pixsta

The word ‘Beyonce’ conjures up a ton of ideas once you read it. Some hear the word and think, “Oh an amazing singer.” while others think, “Oh, Jay-Z’s wife.” Perhaps the best, and most accurate, way to think of Beyonce is, “Oh, that beautiful woman.” Beyonce proved just how gorgeous she really is while on vacation with her man, Jay-Z, when she posted a few Instagram selfies in a bikini without wearing any sort of makeup. This was an amazingly brave thing to do because most female celebrities control their image with makeup and typically are not seen without it. Beyonce didn’t have anything to fear because she still looked gorgeous.

The 32 year old singer looked flawless in her leopard print bikini while on the beach. Though she lacked any makeup, Beyonce still looked incredible. Blue Ivy Carter, her daughter, was also in a few of the shots and quickly shared the photos all over her Tumblr page. The Tumblr page also included a series of photos of her mother rocking a variety of different bikinis and cute little outfits. It was apparent that the fabulous mother-daughter combo were having a wonderful time on the beach with just the family in attendance.

Beyonce is coming off one of the most ambitious tours of her career with the “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour”. On the “Mrs Carter” tour Beyonce performed over 100 different times for fans all over the entire globe. Beyonce has reached new heights in popularity and her marriage to Jay-Z has only made this all the more apparent. The anniversary vacation could not have come at a better time as we bet that Beyonce was pretty worn out.

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