Charlize Theron is Smitten Over Boyfriend Sean Penn

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron may have been one of Hollywood’s most tight lipped romances in 2014 but it appears that Charlize Theron is finally ready to talk about her new man. At the May 15th premiere for Theron’s newest film, “A Million Ways to Die in the West”, Charlize said that she was “very happy” in her new relationship and admitted that she probably wasn’t “very good at talking about her private life.”

Sean Penn, most recently in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, is one of the most politically active celebrities in all of Hollywood. His cutting demeanor and personal intensity have kept him fairly shielded from the romance portion of the gossip rags. He was first romantically linked with the smoldering blonde actress in early January when they were seen on holiday together in Hawaii.

While Charlize and Sean have avoided speaking publically about their relationship, they haven’t tried to hide their love for one another while in front of the camera. Most recently, at the private afterparty for “A Million Ways to Die in the West”, Penn and Theron were said to have been “very touchy feely and sweet” throughout the night. Sources say that Theron would rarely take her hands off of her man and was constantly “caressing his back” as they conversed together.

Charlize and Sean have known each other for close to 18 years and have maintained a solid friendship throughout that time. Charlize admitted that they had to really talk about making the jump to a romantic relationship because they feared it may cost them the closeness of their friendship. Theron went on to call the transition “effortless” and a “natural” evolution of their friendship.

Despite how close the two have appeared since beginning their relationship, Charlize has no intentions of getting married. Theron admitted in an issue of “Vogue” that she has “never had the dream” of putting on a white dress. Despite this reluctance to marriage, Charlize is already building a perfect little family. She adopted a son, named Jackson, in 2012. Jackson and Penn seemed like best friends on the “Million Ways” red carpet.

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