Hayden Panettiere-Wladimir Klitschko Wedding Delayed By Ukraine Political Unrest

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Pint-sized powerhouse and star of television’s hit series Nashville, Hayden Panettiere has announced that her wedding plans are on hold indefinitely until there is a solution to political unrest in the Ukraine. Hayden has been engaged to her former on and off boyfriend turned fiance Wladimir Klitschko since October of 2013. The couple, who began dating way back in 2009, have never been too shy about expressing their affection for one another to the media and Hayden isn’t holding back now that people are asking for wedding details. Hayden’s fiance Wladimir is best known as the Ukrainian Heavyweight boxing champion with some of the longest reigning titles in the history of the sport. So it comes as no surprise that when the outspoken activist/ actress Hayden caught wind of the unrest in the Eastern European country, she decided to put things on hold with the wedding planning.

The lovers aren’t letting this unfortunate situation affect them too greatly though as Hayden has been quoted saying that they feel like they have plenty of time. After the actress announced the couple’s engagement last year she went on to pose as the cover girl for April/May issue of Brides magazine. Hayden, 24 and Wladimir, 38 both seem to be determined to not let anything new come between their happiness after dealing with a short split before their engagement last year.

Even though Hayden went solo at the Met Gala this week she seems to be happier than ever with the way things are working out in her personal life. For now it seems like she and Wladimir are just happy to be together and be taking the time to celebrate their engagement. As for the political unrest in the Ukraine we are sure they are both hopeful for a speedy resolution to be found. Fans of Hayden can catch her as she stars in the hit drama Nashville on ABC each Wednesday at 10/9c. We wish them the best in their engagement and wedding planning future and hope that things get sorted out sooner rather than later for this happy Hollywood power couple.

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