Shakira’s Boyfriend Won’t Let Her Have Sexy Men In Videos

 Photo credit:  / Prphotos

Photo credit: Prphotos

It appears that super sexy singer and dancer Shakira may have missed part of the sexual revolution! Her newest confession lets us in on a little secret shared by her and her baby daddy Gerard Pique. According to Shakira Gerard has an unspoken rule that prohibits Shakira from making any future sexy videos with men! The hip shaking Latino star justifies this possessiveness by describing Pique as very “territorial.” Obviously most Hollywood celebrities would scoff at their partner having such pre-historic issues, however, Shakira says she is okay with Gerard being “territorial” over her, claiming that it makes her feel “protected”.

Considering that Shakira’s entire career has primarily been based on her hot videos, how does Gerard expect her to keep bringing home the bacon? Because he does not seem to take issue with Shakira making money. The solution to that problem is to still allow Shakira to shoot increasingly sexy videos with women instead of men. How’s that for macho twist? This solution strokes his own fantasies without infringing on his apparent insecurities.

Shakira’s newest video with Rihanna far surpasses any of her previous videos for onscreen hotness, and some might say even crosses the boundaries with all of the girl on girl action. But if that is what daddy wants, apparently that is what daddy is going to get. Some may argue that Shakira is setting a bad example for young women by letting her significant other dictate the sexual boundaries of the relationship. The arrangement seems to be working for the two, however, because Shakira has never seemed happier.

Well Shakira might be keeping Pique happy, but she certainly has ticked off Columbian politician Marco Fidel Ramirez. He has accused Shakira of promoting everything from lesbianism to moral decay with her new girly video. Just goes to prove you can’t please everyone, even with a booty like that.

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