Robbie Williams To Become A Dad Again!

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Robbie Williams, star singer of the English pop group “Take That”, took to Twitter to announce the pregnancy of his beautiful actress wife, Ayda Williams. Ayda and Robbie are having their second child together since first getting together in 2006. The star British couple had their first child, Theodora Rose Williams, known simply as Teddy, in 2012. Robbie made the announcement on Twitter by stating that he and Ayda were “delighted to announce that Theodora Rose Williams is going to be a big sister.”

The news has to be considered good for the power-couple as the road to their relationship has sometimes been quite rocky. Robbie used to be known as simply the “fat dancer” in “Take That” and was thoroughly denounced by British superstar, Noel Gallagher. From there Williams fell to personal demons as he battled with drugs and alcohol. Williams left “Take That’ in the mid ’90s to try and forge his own path in the music industry. During this time Robbie established himself as one of the best solo artists in the entire industry as he went on to sell upwards of 18 million records. When he rejoined “Take That” in 2009 he was a new man with a new perspective on life and a beautiful, burgeoning family.

It’s nice to see a comeback story of such epic proportions. The announcement of his second child is just further proof that Robbie has finally put his life together in an important and meaningful way. With his second child on the way, Robbie will continue to be one of the stalwart English musicians in the industry.

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