Melissa Etheridge Marries Fiancee Linda Wallem

Photo credit: Melissa Etheridge / Twitter

Photo credit: Melissa Etheridge / Twitter

Oh, how the times are changing! Melissa Etheridge is finally a happily married girl after marrying her longtime girlfriend, Linda Wallem, in Montecito California at the San Ysidro Ranch. Some famous female friends were in attendance for the magical, but understated, wedding and they include Chelsea Handler, Whitney Cummings, and Rosie O’Donnell!

Melissa and Linda, both 53 years old, looked gorgeous in the ceremony they celebrated in the giant Ysidro Ranch lily garden. The beaming brides were dressed to impress as Etheridge rocked a flattering gray suit while Wallem looked splendid in a sparkling white dress. The most impressive adornment that either woman wore was their happy smile.

Etheridge was quick to gush about her wedding on the morning of. The singer took to Twitter to proclaim the day as “gorgeous” and a “perfect and beautiful day to get married.” Hours after the wedding had finished she stole a moment to follow up on her prior tweet. She thanked the state of California for allowing her to marry her “true love” and admitted that she was “so blessed”.

The engagement between Linda and Melissa has been a long time coming! They first announced their intention to get married in June of 2013 when the “Defense of Marriage Act” was historically ruled unconstitutional. Melissa and Linda, like many other LGBT couples, have been celebrating their new found freedoms ever since. In fact, Melissa made sure to make her voice heard on the day of the ruling. She spoke with CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield and told her that she “looks forward to marrying my partner of three years” and that she loves “everybody out there.” She finished the interview by saying that “love is love” and that she is “proud to be an American.”

This is the third major relationship for Melissa. She has a pair of twins with her ex, Tammy Michaels, and two children with Julie Cypher.

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