Calvin Harris Reveals His Hot Six-Pack

Calvin Harris

Photo credit: Calvin Harris Instagram

Music producer and Grammy winner Calvin Harris has posted a shirtless picture of himself on Instagram, surprising fans with an unexpected smoking hot body. Not many people see Calvin as having such six pack potential  because it was very recent that he went from looking like the boy next door with pasty white skin, a mop of black hair, and an unassuming goofy grin. Then he made himself over, lightened his hair, got a tan and apparently learned to work a camera because in most pictures these days he is smoldering. Still, no one expected the six pack abs he reveled.  No one except perhaps girlfriend, Rita Ora. The couple started dating in May 2013, so surely she knew what a hottie Calvin is without his shirt on. The couple have been called out for too much PDA, but can you blame the girl?

Perhaps Rita is his lucky charm, because in the past year his fame has skyrocketed. According to Forbes magazine, Calvin is the highest earning DJ making a cool 46 million in the past year. He humbly stated that he was just in the right place at the right time. Yeah, or it could be the fact that he is a legitimately talented song writer and in demand DJ because he has the ability to read a room and then rock it.

Photo credit: Rita Ora  Twitter

Photo credit: Rita Ora Twitter

Although fans cannot deny that his music is bold and sexy, the rugged male model appearance of Calvin without his shirt off was unexpected. After all many DJ’s are known for being a little different looking, Some even seem to embrace a weird appearance (Dead Mouse’s mask). Calvin went from  looking like your friendly neighbor to a sexy GQ model to the delight of fan girls around the world.

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