Katharine McPhee Gets Away With Cheating?

 Photo credit: Prphotos and Imagecollect

Photo credit: Prphotos and Imagecollect

It seems that art imitated life for Smash star Katherine McPhee who was caught red-lipped and puckered up kissing the show’s director Michael Morris. It’s worth noting that Morris was and still is married to actress Mary McCormack. Morris’ mistake did cause some boat rocking as McCormack allegedly kicked him out of the house once the disgrace was brought public. They have since worked things out and remain happily married to each other.

McPhee was not quite so lucky. At least, not at that time. When the smooch in question occurred, McPhee was on the rocks with her husband Nick Cokas, a producer eighteen years her senior. Katharine and Nick unofficially split nine months ago and sources report that they’ve been living separated since. Four months later (in October of 2013), the marriage got even rockier when pictures emerged of McPhee’s indiscretion with her director. To add insult to injury, not only was Morris married, but he is also the father of three with McCormack. Quite the scandal!

But maybe that’s all in the past now. Recently Katherine and Nick have been seen palling around Los Angeles together. They have three fur babies of their own and they have been spotted on public outings with their pooches in tow. Photographs of Katherine and Nick depict the couple engaged in animated conversations with each other. One source even reports that they are “working on their marriage and spending a lot of time together… they’re trying to start again”; well we all know that relationships take work. Maybe this one is destined to last a thousand and one nights.

An official reconciliation has yet to be announced, but we’re certainly on the lookout.

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