David Arquette Welcomes Son Charlie With Girlfriend Christina McLarty

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Fans are still reeling from news of David Arquette’s divorce from Courtney Cox, which, as hard as it is to believe, took place a full year ago. In light of the world’s reluctance to let go of this onetime power couple, it’s particularly hard to believe that Arquette is once again a father — with a woman who is definitely not Courtney Cox!

On Monday, April 28th, David Arquette and his girlfriend Christina McLarty welcomed a baby boy into the world. He weighed a healthy 8 pounds and 7 ounces; according to insider reports, his birth was, all things considered, not a particularly difficult one. Arquette later confirmed that mom, dad and their new son were all doing just fine. He also added that a name had been chosen for the baby boy: Charlie West.

In spite of fans’ shock surrounding Arquette’s bundle of joy, this development was a long time in the making. Arquette and McLarty are believed to have begun dating back in 2011, when the actor was still married to Courtney Cox. However, while the two were not officially divorced at this point, they had actually decided to split back in 2010, before Arquette began dating McLarty. Arquette and McLarty first announced that they were expecting a child in November of 2013, after Arquette’s divorce had been finalized.

David Arquette says that he is excited to be embarking on the journey of fatherhood once more. The proud dad already has had one child with his ex — Coco Arquette, who is currently nine years old. Because he’d already been through the journey of parenthood once before, Arquette confessed that he was feeling pretty relaxed about the prospect of adding a new member to his family. Now that he and McLarty are the parents of an adorable baby boy, fans may finally be forced to accept that his relationship with Cox is definitely over.

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