Robert Pattinson Admits He Still Talks to Kristen Stewart

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were, for a time, the most talked about couple on the face of the planet. As the two young faces of the burgeoning “Twilight” franchise, they were iconic. Edward Cullen and Bella were meant to be together in the series, and it seemed the real life actors modeled their future romance off of the stories. Then Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on Robert with Liberty Ross’ husband and things fell apart. Real life isn’t the movies, however, because it turns out that Robert and Kristen still keep in communication!

This shocking gem of information was dropped by Robert Pattinson in an interview with “The Hollywood Reporter”. When asked whether Robert and Kristen keep in touch and maintain a relationship, Pattinson simply answered “Oh, yeah.” This is quite shocking due to the very public way their relationship came to an end.

When probed about his time as the star of “Twilight” and his ensuing relationship with Kristen, Robert called the time one of the “hardest” things he’d ever done. Robert cited his inability to constrain himself to bizarre directorial directions due to his own penchant for going bigger and deeper with the role. Robert also cited the medias decision to market the films as “Team Edward” vs “Team Jacob” as a new stressor in their relationship while working on his role.

However of the film took a backseat as soon as Robert and Kristen went public with their soon-to-be ill fated relationship. While Robert has apparently moved on in his love life, he still took the time to stress to the media that he was never “manic-depressive” about the relationship coming to an end. In fact, Rob may be on the hunt for one of Kristen’s friends as a possible girlfriend. Recent reports have linked Pattinson and singer Katy Perry which, reportedly, made Kristen Stewart furious. While a reuinion seems more and more unlikely, it’s interesting to note that this storied relationship is still kicking.

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