Are Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry Dating?!

 Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Katy Perry and her former beau John Mayer split back in February, but rumor has it that Perry has already moved on. Perry and Robert Pattison have recently been spotted together on a few occasions, which has sparked rumors that the two are more than friends. The Sun UK has reported that two became closer after Pattison split with his former girlfriend and co-star, Kristen Stewart. The Sun UK has also reported that Perry and Pattison had a fling back in 2013. However, the fling was short-lived because Mayer and Perry eventually ended up getting back together. Stewart also made it clear that she wanted to get back with Pattison.

Sources close Perry and R-Pattz have stated that the two have very strong sexual chemistry, and they are really close friends. The two care a lot about each other. Sources have also stated that the reason Perry and Pattison have not been open about their relationship is because they did not want to upset Kristen Stewart. Friends of Perry and Pattinson would love to see the two get together. They believe that the two would make a great couple because they bring out the best in each other.

Perry and Pattison were recently spotted at Coachella and rumor has it that they will also be spending Easter together. Interestingly, Pattison and Kristen were frequently spotted at Coachella together back when they were a hot item. Regardless of whether the two are in a relationship or are just friends, people are eager to see what will happen in the future. Some people believe that Perry and Pattison will confirm that they are a couple in the near future. Twi-hards on the other hand still hold their fingers crossed that this is just another media hype.

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