Brangelina Was Just A Start: 14 Best Celebrity Name Fusions

 Photo credit:  / Prphotos

Photo credit: / Prphotos

Today’s word of the day is “portmanteau,” which is when two distinct words combine to make one word. So why should we care about this fancy-pants literary device? Because it’s the method in which two fabulously-looking celebrities suddenly are able to merge to become one downright stunning unit, better known as a power couple. Along with great power comes great creativity for friends or foes in the business to coin a catchy name. Simple? Yes. Memorable and catchy? Kinda. Silly? Also kinda. Regardless, here are our favorites.

1) Bennifer (Part 1)

“Clerks” director Kevin Smith is said to have started the current couple labeling craze in 2004 when he talked to interviewers about how fun it has been to work with Ben Affleck and Ben’s main squeeze at the time, Puerto Rican singer/dancer Jennifer Lopez, on his film “Jersey Girl.” Though the collective “Bennifer” didn’t last very long past their next shared acting project, “Gigli,” people instantly understood the term.

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