Matthew Broderick’ Response To Robert Downey Jr’s Wish To Reconnect With SJP

Photo credit: ImageCollect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Last week, and 23 years after he split with Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Downey Jr admitted he would love to reconnect with the Sex And The City star, however he also stated he would only do it if Sarah’s husband Matthew Broderick gave him the green light.

Permission Granted

Matthew Broderick has now officially responded to Robert’s request. Speaking for US Weekly on the opening of his Broadway show “It’s Only A Play,” SJP’s husband politely answered “of course.”

“Of course, he’s more than okay to connect with her, they’re great friends. What would I say? No? Who do you think I am? No, I love Robert Downey and Sarah Jessica, so, yes!”

Sarah Jessica also seems to have nothing against them reconnecting after many years. “He and I have always been on wonderful terms, so… of course I’m hospitable to that,” the actress answered.

Robert & Sarah Jessica

The former couple started dating when they were only 18. The two Hollywood A-listers met on the set of the movie “Firstborn” back in 1984, and they were together for seven years before Sarah had to leave Robert due to his troubles with drug and alcohol abuse.

Last week while Robert was speaking to radio host Howard Stern, the Iron Man actor stated he would like to reunite with his ex during his visit to Manhattan.

“I’ll make a point of trying to see her while I’m here. I’d like to. I’ll ask (Matthew’s) permission. I just want to check in for a few minutes. I love Matthew Broderick.”

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