How Did Kendall Janner Break Harry Styles’ Heart

 Photo credit: harrystyles and kendalljenner

Photo credit: harrystyles and kendalljenner

Near the end of 2013, Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles made headlines when they were spotted sharing a cozy meal at Craig’s in West Hollywood. At the time, the two claimed to be nothing more than friends, although later interviews with both Harry and Kendall’s brother Brody suggested that there was far more to the blossoming couple’s relationship than mere friendship.

Unfortunately for ‘Hendall’ fans, the romance only lasted a few months. Fortunately, the relationship ended on amicable terms, which is far more than can be said for Harry’s brief affair with Taylor Swift. Between Harry’s tour schedule and Kendall’s busy life as a model, the two simply weren’t able to dedicate enough time to one another. In fact, rumors suggest that they always knew that their romance was nothing more than a short-term fling, although neither party was sure exactly how soon it would come to an end.

Although Harry and Kendall were both willing to call it quits, Kendall appears to have come away heartbroken, while Harry’s doing just fine. Sources close to the former couple suggest that Kendall, while aware of the short-term status of the fling, still held hope that she might be able to forge a true relationship with Harry. However, she’s doing her best to move on — and this means spending plenty of time with other guys! She recently posted an Instagram photo featuring an attractive mystery man, and while this could be just another fan, rumors suggest that the reality star is definitely on the hunt for a rebound relationship.

Harry also is intent on moving forward. Always a fan of he ladies, he was most recently seen getting cozy with Allison Mosshart at London Soho. Given his status as teen idol, it’s no surprise that Harry was able to find himself a new gal immediately after his breakup with Kendall. That’s the name of the game when you’re a One Directioner!

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