Snooki Poses With Baby Bump at the MTV Movie Awards Press Junket

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Oh, how the times have changed. It’s hard to believe but Nicole Polizzi, a.k.a Snooki, used to steal the attention of audiences all over the world for her quirky and hilarious drunken antics. Now the former reality star is looking great with a new body, a boyfriend, and her second child on the way! Snooki showed up at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards Press Junket in an elegant black getup which showed off her tiny little baby bump.

Snooki, since the ‘Jersey Shore’ reality show finished, has re-committed her life to fitness, family, and managing her fame in a responsible manner. The ‘Jersey Shore’ star can be followed on Instagram for a source of workout tips, motivational photos, and, of course, loving pictures of her rapidly growing family. It is interesting to note how this burgeoning family came to be. Jionni LaValle met Snooki on the set for the ‘Jersey Shore’. The two maintained communications and fostered their romance around the MTV cameras. Once the cameras quit recording their romance kept going and here we are. Jionni currently hosts ‘Snook’ and their first child while they live in the basement of his family’s house. It sounds so bizarre for such an obviously wealthy little family, but completely perfect for Snooki nonetheless. With their second child on the way the young couple has decided to build a home together, literally, so that they can have more room for their children.

It has been fascinating to watch Snooki grow up before our eyes. From the hard partying drunk with a penchant for drama, she has transformed her life into one that focuses completely on living healthy and living for family. Her fellow cast mate, Jwow, is currently expecting her child as well as the two made a ‘pregnancy pact’ to have their children at the same time. It’s not normal but it’s definitely Snooki.

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