Keri Russell Dating ‘The Americans’ Co-Star Matthew Rhys

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Keri Russel and Matthew Rhys play undercover Russian spies, masquerading as a married couple, in the hit TV series ‘The Americans’ and now they are dating in real life. The two celebrities have always had a healthy relationship, at least since beginning work on ‘The Americans’ in 2012, and it seems that relationship has taken itself to the next level on the heels of Keri Russell’s separation from her husband of 7 years, Shane Deary.

Russel, 38, and Rhys, 39, have been repeatedly seen hitting the night spots around town recently. Whether they are coming and going from the local theaters, perusing the street side shops, or merely grabbing lunch together, it has been hard to find the one without the other in recent months. A hint of romance quickly turned into speculation that the two were beginning a serious and steady relationship. When Matthew Rhys was asked, during an interview with People, he responded, “That’s the best rumor.” Rhys went on to admit that even his mother has begun asking him about their relationship.

The easiest assumption to make is that they kept their burgeoning relationship on the down low due to the sensitivity of Keri’s young children, how recent the divorce with Shane Dreary was, and a need for all around privacy. Now that the speculation has increased in earnest they seem content on showing the world their new playful love. The ‘Americans’ co-stars are routinely seen being affectionate in public and no longer seem bent on hiding their relationship from the tabloids. At a recent play in New York, visitors could see Matthew Rhys playing with Keri’s hair and holding her quite affectionately. While their show rises in popularity on FX it must be nice to have on another to share the success with.

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