Taye Diggs Is Not Shy About New Girlfriend Amanza Smith Brown

Get your tissues, musical theater fans, because we have some bad news for you. The golden couple of the Great White Way are officially over. Taye Diggs, 43, who split from wife Idina Menzel, 42, this past June has officially moved on. Diggs is rumored to be in a steamy new romance with model Amanza Smith Brown.

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

This is the first public relationship for Diggs since his split with Menzel, who’s known for her work on Broadway (“Rent,” “Wicked”), in addition to her recurring role as Lea Michele’s character’s biological mother on TV’s “Glee.” The former lovebirds met when they starred together in the original Broadway production of “Rent.” The couple wed in 2003. Both reprised their roles in the 2005 film adaptation of “Rent.” The couple had a son, Walker Digs, in 2009.

The couple never gave a reason for the split, but many speculated that Menzel and Diggs ended their marriage because of his “roving eye.” The couples’ marriage wasn’t entirely smooth sailing for the decade they spent together. Diggs, who is African-American, and Menzel, who is Caucasian, were frequently on the receiving end of racist letters that condemned their interracial pairing. The letters were determined to come from multiple sources and led to an investigation by the New York City Police Department.

Photo credit: Imagecollect / Imagecollect

Photo credit: Imagecollect

As for Brown, not much is known about the beautiful model who has won Diggs’ heart. In 2010, Brown wed NFL player Ralph Brown. The couple had two children, but later parted ways. Brown’s credits include the television series “Deal or No Deal.” She was the plaintiff in a lawsuit against L’Oreal for failing to pay her for a modeling gig. On Twitter, Brown refers to herself as a “model, mommy [and] super hero.”

Diggs and Brown were spotted hand-in-hand leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood on April ninth. Time will tell if the new couple is in it for the long haul. However, we must admit: Our inner musical theater geeks are kinda still holding out hope for a reunion between Benny and Maureen. We mean, Idina and Taye. Whoops!

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