Madonna’s Boyfriend Timor Steffens Says He ‘Doesn’t Notice The Age Gap’

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Ok, this might sound weird, but the age gap between Madonna and Madonna’s boyfriend is older than Madonna’s boyfriend himself. Timor is 26 years old, while the age gap between him and his pop star girlfriend reaches 30 years. How about that?

However, Timor, who has been romantically linked to the queen of pop since January, said that he has always preferred dating older women and that he doesn’t mind the gap at all.

Oedipus much?

“I don’t notice it,” Timor stated about the vast age difference.

“My girlfriends have always been older than me and that’s how I like it. I learn a lot.

My mum is a big inspiration. She is a fighter, a strong independent woman, and any relationship I’ve had in the past was mostly with women that are independent and like to have an opinion.”

Speaking about his 56-year-old superstar girlfriend, Timor added: “She is a very strong woman and doesn’t need to follow the mainstream. That’s what makes her an artist.”

Timor already feels like family

Madonna first introduced her dancer boyfriend from Netherlands at a New Year’s Eve party in Switzerland. The fresh couple has been spotted several times lately attending high-profile events together, as well as enjoying family time on holiday with Madonna’s four children.

Madonna and Timor met when the two began their collaboration on a dance project last year. The star said Timor was so natural with her teenage son Rocco, as well as her other children Lourdes, Mercy and David.

Madonna’s ex-boyfriend Brahim Zaibat, who she split with in December 2013 after three years, was also thirty years younger than her. Are we beginning to see a trend here?

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