Selena Gomez Disses Justin Bieber With ‘Power’ Bikini Pic

Photo credit: selenagomez / Instagram

Photo credit: selenagomez / Instagram

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber would be the perfect sandbox example of two children who believed in love because they met on the same playground. Well, they aren’t children anymore and Selena Gomez is tired of Bieber metaphorically pulling her hair. In a strongly worded message, attached to a sexy bikini Instagram, Selena Gomez threw some hate towards the embattled Canadian pop star.

The Instagram was tagged with a message that read, “Taking my power back. Can’t wait to show you where I’ve been.” The message is an obvious diss towards her on-again-off-again ex boyfriend. This message was allegedly precipitated by Gomez demanding an answer from Bieber: Are they together or not? When Justin apparently failed to give her that answer, the young starlet was done. Finished. Now she is taking her power back by becoming her own woman and no longer depending on the attentions that he fed to her.

Selena has some new music on the horizon and we have no doubt that the message is intended to hint at some future hot tracks. Though, to be honest, it seems that Selena is still rather fixated on making sure Justin knows what he is missing out on! A few days prior to the now viral Instagram shot, Selena dropped this quote on her fans: “You can’t be who you’re going to be and who you used to be at the same time.” As you can tell, the decision was already being played out in her head.

Sources close to Selena say that the young star was looking for a “big action” from the troubled singer. This same source said that Justin would need to approach Selena with an engagement ring to keep her. The source says that Selena does not believe that Justin can “step up to the plate” and is now ready to just let it go, grudge and all.

It’s easy to forget how we individually acted as children. Perhaps we were all lucky that our high school dramatics didn’t make the world news. Ahh, so is the life of a popstar.

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