Paris Hilton Says Her New Boyfriend Thomas Gross Is Her ‘Soul Mate’

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Only two months after Paris Hilton and Thomas Gross started dating, the TV star might just follow her sister’s footsteps and be ready to walk down the aisle. The 34-year-old Paris appears to already be genuinely in love with the wealthy Austrian businessman, Thomas Gross, as she says she is pretty much sure he is the One.

Soul Mates

The famous hotel heiress recently posted a beautiful black and white Instagram photo of herself and her new boyfriend in which they were both dressed up sharply and nicely for a glamorous night out.

The two lovebirds were snapped sharing loving glances and the caption read: “Soulmates”.

Paris’ fan base reacted positively and the picture managed to get more than 43,000 likes, and many of her fans posted comments as well, stating how thrilled they were to see their favorite celebrity finally happy.


A couple of months ago, the two were seen together in Cannes where Paris and Thomas went on a little getaway when they were spotted cuddling up on his huge yacht called Galaxy.

They are inseparable and constantly travel together around the world,” a source stated for the Daily Mail. “She recently went on his jet from Cannes to Cabo, to Ibiza then New York and LA and then Vegas. Now they are in London for her sister Nicky’s wedding and look completely in love.”

“Thomas is so great for her because not only is he so successful, but he is self-made. He’s not like other men in the past simply because he doesn’t need anything from her but her love.”

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