John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Might Be Getting A Divorce

John Legend

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First Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, and now these two? Love is definitely scarce in the world of celebrity couples…

Although it is hard to imagine a more relatable celebrity couple than Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, it appears that this power-couple is indeed having hard times with their marriage.

Chrissy is known for her tendency to overshare intimate details about their love life on social media, but somehow we managed to miss the fact their marriage is pretty much falling apart.

According to In Touch, a source close to the Legends opened up recently about the A-list couple, and things are not looking good:

They have been in marriage counseling for the last six months, said the source and added that John and Chrissy “are having real marriage problems.”

There Was An Actual Break-Up

If we are to believe some recent rumors, the news about their rough patch isn’t coming out of the blue.

Teigen apparently recently talked about their marital problems and a certain rough patch during which Legend actually broke up with her.

The two allegedly managed to fix things, but continued to have difficulties nevertheless. All this seems to be due to Teigen’s struggles with postpartum depression and her problem with alcohol.

They are fighting nonstop,” the insider said. “They’re trying very hard to make their marriage work.”

As for the official statements from Teigen and Legend, the two haven’t commented on the divorce rumors just yet, but we’re guessing it is just a matter of time until they open up and address this whole shebang.

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