Justin Bieber Goes Horseback Riding with Old Flame

Photo credit: Justin Bieber & CeeJay / Instagram

Justin Bieber has been involved in plenty of mischief lately, but every once in awhile, the pop star enjoys participating in some good, old-fashioned fun. Of course, when you’re rich and famous, your idea of harmless fun is horseback riding. And if you’re very proud of your tanned, muscled and heavily-tattooed body, your idea of horseback riding is straddling a stallion while shirtless. That’s exactly what Justin Bieber did the other day, and he documented it all for his adoring fans on Twitter and Instagram.

The singer was certainly not alone when he departed on his horseback riding journey. He was accompanied by several friends, including, most notably, the lovely Chantel Jeffries. Fans may remember Jeffries as the gorgeous model rumored to be dating Bieber around the same time that he was having well-documented relationship issues with old flame Selena Gomez. Although Jeffries denied having a romantic relationship with Bieber several months ago, those rumors have continued to persist. In fact, sightings of Jeffries outside of Bieber’s hotel have only served to bolster suspicion of a behind-the-scenes relationship. Now that Jeffries has been spotted on yet another outing with Bieber, she’s bound to have a very difficult time keeping the persistent dating rumors at bay.

Bieber may have been giving Jeffries the gentlemanly treatment during his horseback outing, but the same cannot be said for another woman who happened to be at the stable. When this Bieber admirer whipped out her camera in hopes of taking a picture, the singer completely flipped out, cussing at the woman and ordering her to leave him alone. The woman later told TMZ that Justin Bieber was acting nervous and very strange the entire time. This revelation has caused many to wonder whether the singer was worried about being caught with the gal he’s supposedly not dating. No matter the reason for the encounter, it’s clear that Bieber is still struggling to get along with the everyone from media representatives to adoring fans — and this is not about to change in the near future.

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