Clooney’s Ex, Stacy Keibler Got Married!

 Photo credit: stacykeibler  Pixsta

Photo credit: stacykeibler / Pixsta

Stacy Keibler’s split from George Clooney last summer left her stating to Elizabeth Vargas: “Marriage is the last thing on my mind.” Apparently, Jared Pobre brought the subject to the forefront of her mind, because last Saturday she wore white and married the handsome entrepreneur in a surprise (to their friends and family) sunset beach ceremony in Mexico.

Do not be too fast to call her groom a rebound man just because of her recent famous relationship with Clooney. After all, Pobre and Stacy were friends for five years before they started dating last fall. Stacy says “My happiness is indescribable!”

 Photo credit:  / Prphotos

Photo credit: Prphotos

Sometimes when you get it right, it does not matter what came before or the timing, love does not know how to tell time. These two lovebirds surprised their friends with their wedding that they said they have been planning for months. Considering their relationship is under a year old, they must have really known it was right immediately after busting out of the friend zone.

Stacy is not the only one of Clooney ex’s moving on after a break up, supermodel Monika Jakisic has moved on, and up, with royalty. She has been seeing Duke of York, Prince Andrew. Perhaps Clooney, who refuses to be tied down makes a great starting point for these women to get noticed as more than a just a pretty faces. No word yet on George’s reaction to the news of Stacey wedding to her long time friend. The rumor is that he is dating hot British Attorney, Amal Alamuddin. Between his new love, and new movies, hopefully he will still find time to send a card to congratulate the newlyweds.

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