Duck Dynasty’s Miss Kay Talks Husband’s Infidelity

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

What a year it’s been for the crew at “Duck Dynasty”. Between network, audience backlash over allegedly homophobic comments and now the news that Phil also cheated on his wife while battling with alcoholism, it’s hard to find a positive story on the gang. With all of this darkness, Miss Kay decided to come out and speak to the media and explain why she stayed strong with her husband during all of their early marriage issues.

Miss Kay married Phil when she was only 16, she revealed in an interview on Fox News. She goes on to reveal that she believed marriage to be a perfect institution and that she would never have to “fight” for what she loved. She claims that so many storybooks conditioned her to believe that everything would be easy. As it turns out, that was anything but the truth. Phil Robertson, her husband and the star of “Duck Dynasty”, had huge alcoholism issues when he was younger. His issues with alcohol blossomed and caused a whole host of problems for the Robertson family–including infidelity.

Despite his alcoholism, Miss Kay never left his side. Miss Kay says that she told her family members that Phil was “a good man” with a “good heart” and that he was just letting the devil control him. The Robertson matriarch told her family to focus their hate on the “devil” and to pray that Phil makes the right choices. She says that her faith in Phil and his eventual reform are key points to the strength of their relationship together. Miss Kay was also quick to thank her grandmother for being such a “stickler” for marriage. Kay said that her grandmother was pushing for the marriage to work while everyone else in her family was trying to convince her to move out and leave the man.

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