Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg Announced Engagement!

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

90’s-nostalgia power couple Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are tying the knot. It’s official as of Wednesday, when McCarthy revealed her secret on “The View.”

“I just got engaged!” she shouted, pulling her hand from behind the desk and jumping around the set. She later displayed the yellow sapphire ring prominently getting a Sally Hansen manicure. When Barbara Walters asked about a wedding date on Wednesday, McCarthy replied, “We don’t know yet.” Walters then offered her own apartment as a possible venue for the ceremony.

McCarthy also said that her son, Evan, helped with the surprise and stated that Wahlberg, who visited the show later, dropped down on one knee to propose. The 41-year old ex-Playboy model and current “The View” co-host has been married before, to Evan’s father, director John Asher. Wahlberg, 44, is also a single parent who has been married. His nine-year marriage to Kim Fey ended in 2008, and they have two sons.

While McCarthy previously discussed never marrying again, she had spoken on air with Bethenny Frankel about how Wahlberg changed her mind, even mentioning that she might propose herself. It was only in July 2013 that McCarthy and New Kids on the Block star Wahlberg officially became an item.

McCarthy had recently dated comedian Jim Carrey for more than five years without much talk of marriage. Carrey had become heavily involved in her anti-vaccination and autism awareness campaigns, but they never got hitched. The couple later had a very bitter and very public split.

The ugliness of the breakup after several apparently very happy years together convinced many that McCarthy would stay single, but McCarthy soon dispelled that notion. “I told the universe I’m ready for love. I said bring the one. I’m not doing any more auditions,” she told Bethenny Frankel of Wahlberg last November.

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