Inside Ashley Tisdale’s Bachelorette Party

Photo credit: ashleytisdale  Instagram

Photo credit: ashleytisdale Instagram

Ashley Tisdale took her last night of single life seriously with one of the sickest Bachelorette Parties we are likely to see by a celebrity in 2014. The “High School Musical” star, alongside co-star Vanessa Hudgens, threw a huge party in Miami after traveling all the way from Los Angeles. Ashley is engaged to a musician by the name of Christopher French. The two got engaged last August.

As pictures of the Bachelorette party hit the internet, and went viral, fans got a look into a truly glamorous party. Ashley was photographed with Hudgens and Kim Hidalgo in multiple different shots and locations. From night clubs to yacht parties, the rich and beautiful women made sure to leave their mark across South Beach. Kim even posted an Instagram snap of the entire party with a witty caption, “Five blondes and a brunette walk into a bar…”

On night one the girls were photographed playing some rather steamy party games before heading to the LIV nightclub. There the girls partied the entire night. The next day was one of relaxation as, we can assume, they sunbathed away all the alcohol from the night before. Tisdale and her party spent the majority of their time sunbathing on a beautiful yacht with occasional forays into the ocean to enjoy paddle boarding or jet skis.

Hudgens was the woman behind the planned party and she had a lot to say on the subject. She admitted that planning the party was “exciting” and that she enjoyed their ability to just “be silly” and have fun. She also went on to say that her mind was exploding over Tisdale’s pending nuptials.

The Tisdale – French wedding still does not have a firm date but Tisdale assures her fans that it is “underway”. Ashley admitted to having a wedding planner in control of the whole ordeal so that she can relax and allow it to be perfect on its own accord.

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