Is This The Most Controversial Bachelor Ever?

Photo credit: ImageCollect

Photo credit: ImageCollect

Even before season eighteen of “The Bachelor” could get off to a good start the Tweets were flying about Juan Pablo. One viewer described him as “sexy garbage,” in an attempt to reconcile his two most clashing characteristics; his impressive good looks and his lack of personality. Considering the fact that controversy is what good reality TV is made of, the lines are a little blurry as to whether Juan Pablo’s controversial behavior is a good thing or a bad thing. If we will be honest, you have to admit, it is the reality stars you hate that keep you tuning in. So if that is the case, Juan Pablo has given the viewers of this season of The Bachelor their money’s worth.

Juan Pablo started off pretty well, killing everyone with that athletic body and sexy accent. Foreign pro-athletes, you’ve got to love them. However, even that hot accent could not cover up his highly offensive comments concerning the possibility of a gay version of “The Bachelor.” In a radio interview with Sean Daly Pablo reveals that he thought a gay version of the show would be a “bad example for kids.” As if that were not bad enough, he went on to elaborate that gay people seemed more “perverted.” Of course a few days later these comments were followed up with an excessive apology, after no doubt a PR rep gave him a good talking to. However, in the minds of most folks the damage was done.

Juan Pablo was not satisfied to simply offend the gay community, though, and went on to continue pissing off contestants, most recently Andi Dorfman. Juan and Andi’s “Fantasy Suite Date” turned into more of a nightmare according to Andi Dorfman, who claims she used the off camera date as a chance to tell Juan what she really thought of him. Adding insult to injury she went on to dump him and quit the show rather than endure another date with him. Andi Dorfman, who is now in the running as the next “Bachelorette” unloaded on Pablo during their “romantic” overnight in St. Lucia accusing him of being shallow, disinterested in who she really was, and slamming him for discussing his overnight stay with another contestant. Dorfman claims she was happy to be done with the whole thing

Not only current contestants are slamming Juan Pablo. Past contestants are also weighing in on the pro-soccer player’s lack of manners. Trista Ryan wrote on her Parade blog that she had hoped Juan Pablo would have shown a little more “depth” by week eight, but was definitely disappointed.

So with all of this criticism surrounding Juan, it makes you feel almost sorry for the final two contestants. What have these girls got their selves into?

To be fair, there is something to be said for Juan Pablo’s status as devoted single dad, you can’t be a total sleeze bag if you are as devoted to your four year old as he appears to be. He also seems to have strong ties to his immediate family, which is also another good sign. Only time would really tell, as in all relationships, whether or not Juan Pablo turns out to be “the one” for the final girl chosen. Here’s hoping.

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