Hilary Duff Ignores Aaron Carter’s Romantic Tweets

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Long before Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez began their cycle of dating and breaking up, Disney Channel devotees fawned over Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter, one of the most adorable early 2000s teen couples. Unfortunately, their romance didn’t last all that long; Carter later admitted that he grew bored of his relationship with Duff and decided to cheat on her with her best friend: Lindsay Lohan.

After Aaron Carter broke her heart, Hilary Duff poured her heart and soul into her music. Although a number of critics scoffed at her ensuing work, it’s clear that this effort helped the singer-actress get over her ill-fated romance. She eventually married hockey star Mike Comrie in 2010, giving birth to a son two years later. Unfortunately, this relationship was also doomed from the start; Duff and Comrie announced their separation at the beginning of 2014.

Still infatuated with Duff, Carter was thrilled to hear of her split with Comrie. He viewed this as the perfect opportunity to right the wrongs of ten years ago and pursue his dream romance. Shortly after news of Duff and Comrie’s separation hit the media, Carter tweeted about the “love of [his] life” and how he had lost her forever. He also posted glamour shots of Duff, making the subject of his Twitter rant quite obvious.

Carter may still be pining for Duff, but that love appears to be strictly unrequited. When asked about her former boyfriend, Duff was clearly uncomfortable about the entire situation. She insisted that she had no comment, a response Carter was probably not hoping to hear. The former pop star later explained that he hadn’t actually been anticipating a response from Duff and wasn’t exactly sure what he’d been thinking when he posted his regretful tweets. He may be holding out hope for a rekindling of his old romance, but it looks like Aaron Carter’s relationship with Hilary Duff is as doomed as ever.

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