Matt Bellamy & New Girlfriend Elle Evans Partied Together In Cannes

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

It appears that the fresh Hollywood couple, Matt Bellamy and Elle Evans, is going strong. The rock-star and the actress, who would have guessed?

The “Muse” front-man and his new girlfriend have been spotted having a good time together in Cannes, and the duo made no attempt to hide their affection.

The lovebirds didn’t restrain from huge PTAs while they embraced and walked hand-in-hand from the luxurious yacht where they partied the whole evening.

Interestingly enough, Elle is currently promoting her upcoming mystery thriller movie called, yup, “Muse.”

While her latest endeavor is being promoted at the Cannes Film Festival, her own muse is believed to have flown into France on Tuesday in order to support the young actress.

No Comment

Matt and Elle have been linked together since February, but they both managed to stay tight-lipped about their relationship. Beside a few reports about the two “getting serious,” there has been literally no comment from either of them.

When TMZ asked Elle if they were dating, the actress simply replied “No comment.” When asked if she thought the 37-year-old musician would make a good boyfriend, Elle quipped: “I’m sure he’s an angel.

After these latest reports, there’s no arguing whether the two are dating. Let’s just hope it will last.

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