Evan Rachel Wood Slams Michelle Rodriguez Hookup Rumors

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Evan Rachel Wood is fresh off of her split from ex-husband, Jamie Bell, and is already the focus of lurid Hollywood gossip and rumors abound. The “Wrestler” actress was recently implicated in an “Evening With Women” hookup with Michelle Rodriguez, the sultry “Fast and the Furious” star! Whether the rumor has any substance or not, Evan Rachel Wood was quick to take to Twitter to put the thought on blast.

Evan took to Twitter to declare that she never even “said hello” to the other actress at the event. Far from just putting down the rumor, Rachel Wood seemed personally offended by the mere thought of it. She continued on her Twitter rant by calling the rumor “journalism at it’s lowest” and expounded on the idea that it was just a “complete lie to exploit a public separation”. Obviously still raw from her split with Bell, Wood was far from patient with the media. The actress continued on to call the rumor “disgusting” and pointed out that she can appear in pictures with someone without having to sleep with them.

Michelle Rodriguez has been mum on the rumor and, if it was completely fabricated, rightfully so! The two actresses met at the Gay & Lesbian Center for the 2014 “Evening with Women” back in May. The heart of Evan’s anger seems to reside in the timing of the rumor. The event occurred on May 10th yet the rumors are just now getting put into the public eye. She posted on Twitter that it was “convenient” for the media to drop the report now, right after her divorce.

Jamie and Evan decided to amicably split up after nearly 2 years of marriage. The two met as teenagers and had a long romance together that culminated in their first, and only, child-a small boy. They have both said repeatedly that they still want to be friends and good parents to their son.

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