Charlie Sheen Calls Rihanna a ‘Village Idiot’ on Twitter

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Charlie Sheen has long been known for his level headed approach to celebrity feuding and.. Wait, no he hasn’t. Charlie is at it again and he isn’t the least bit sorry. According to reports, Charlie and his girl Rossi were celebrating a birthday at the Giorgio Baldi venue in Santa Monica, California. Across the room, they quickly realized, sat Rihanna. Sheen sent over an invitation to Rihanna to come and join them for the party but the singer declined. Rihanna cited the mountain of paparazzi photographers outside of the restaurant as her reason for not joining them. Needless to say, Charlie was not pleased.

Presumably the minute that he got home, Charlie took to Twitter with the intent to let Rihanna know how upset he was. His first string of tweets were vitriolic and read like he perceived himself to be a victim of some great crime. Sheen sarcastically wrote that Rihanna left a “nice impression behind” and that “we’re not KOOL enough to warrant a blessing from the princess”. Sheen went a step further when he called the singer the “village idiot” and then proceeded to rip on her appearance. Charlie threw jabs at the R&B sensation by insinuating that Rihanna was testing out a “costume in public” and had to take precious time to “situate that bad wig” before leaving the restaurant.

Perhaps Charlie is right to be a little miffed that he was basically snubbed in public, on a special night, but it’s hard to believe that he will win any sympathy with another vitriolic Twitter rant. Perhaps sympathy wasn’t what he desired, attention was. Sheen made sure to puff himself up during his tirade by saying that he was a “vet” of the Hollywood “terrain” and that he should be “respected for having gone before [Rihanna] ” in the Hollywood industry.

Rihanna has been mum on the whole situation and is likely to stay that way. One of the worst things you can give to a real life troll is your attention. When this drama drifts away we are sure that Charlie will be back at it again.

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