Chris Brown Dumped After Rihanna’s Visit

The Real Chris Brown: Xilla Goes In

With Chris Brown, we’ve learned never to say it’s over, since history shows that he’s not really one to take no for an answer.

But his relationship with Karrueche Tran may truly be over. Though KT may have added some much-needed stability to his life while she stood by his court hearings and 90-day anger management and drug recovery treatment, according to Radar Online, they’re through.

Is it because he was happy having any kind of support around during those tough times, and now that he’s out, he’s free to go his own way? Perhaps.

Did Karrueche decide she had given enough of herself after spending so much time with Chris, even a supposedly retooled version?

Or, choice C, did both she and Brown realize that Karrueche is still no substitute for his once-and-possibly-future main squeeze Rihanna?

All of the choices could be fueled by Rihanna’s quick visit to Brown in rehab earlier this winter. Though it was a quick trip, it may have been enough for Karrueche to conclude that Brown’s ex has never really been out of the picture.

Rihanna watchers also say Chris has been texting Rihanna regularly, starting with a simple “Happy Birthday” message, followed by general updates.

It’s uncertain which direction this current venture will go since she seems to be enjoying her current status as an important member of Drake’s entourage during his current world tour. For most of 2014, he’s been playing gigs throughout Western Europe.

She’s been spotted shaking her bad self at many of the shows, and the couple has also taken the opportunity to enjoy hip dining spots wherever he plays. Recent photos also show them hugging and kissing in the VIP area of a stop in Belgium, which does run counter to the rumored narrative of her never stopping pining for Brown.

So perhaps the texts are flirtations between friends with some history – and boy do they have history. He has said in past interviews that he no longer has romantic feelings for Rihanna, but still respects her, and appreciates everything he learned from their past relationship.

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