Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden – Officially ‘In Love’?

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Benji Madden, member of the famous rock band “Good Charlotte”, has in a way confirmed his relationship status with the A-list Hollywood actress, Cameron Diaz, but shortly afterwards he back-tracked it via his Twitter account.

Namely, people started calling him the Hollywood actress’ boyfriend and he actually gave them a green light to do so after he went along with an interviewer’s stance on his current romantic status with the actress.

When Nova FM Radio host “Wippa” mentioned Benji’s recent outings with the 41-year-old star, he didn’t actually deny that Cameron was his girlfriend.

“You guys are both maturing now, you’ve got families, you’re both in love,” the presenter said to Benji and his brother Joel live on the airwaves, before adding: “Both got girls. Both got chicks and stuff.”

Benji’s twin brother Joel is married to reality star and fashion designer Nicole Richie, and the couple have two children together, so the presenter was clearly alluding on Benji’s not-so-secret-anymore relationship with Diaz.

Benji’s brother admitted that he was happy with his family, saying: “Life is good, man.” Then Benji failed to deny rumors about him and Cameron by adding, “We’re lucky guys!”

However, several days later, once he realized the fuss made around his statement, Benji seemed to rewind and sent out a message suggesting his words were misused.

“When media take interviews & twist them into stories to get cheap web hits-don’t let it get to U-just remember the music and stay positive,” the rocker posted on Twitter.

Several weeks ago, Benji and Cameron stepped out hand in hand in New York City where they looked happy and relaxed as they headed out and weren’t shy about showing their affection for each other.

We say, make up your mind, Benji-boy.

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