Beyonce: Cheating on Jay Z With Her Bodyguard?

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Jay-Z may not have 99 problems, but infidelity may be on the list. Rumor has been coming hard and fast out of the gossip mills that seem to paint Beyonce as a less than faithful wife! According to reports the Queen of R&B may be cheating on her King! The man in question: Julius De Boer, also known as the bodyguard in the Solange elevator attack video! In the video De Boer is the one that steps between Solange and Jay and prevents the assault from escalating any further.

Jay-Z may have had his own fidelity questioned in the past but it seems that he just can’t handle the idea of Beyonce sneaking around. According to rumors, Jay-Z has always found Beyonce’s relationship to her bodyguard to be one that was “more than work related”. According to an anonymous source, Jay-Z wanted to fire the burly bodyguard last February but Beyonce wasn’t having it. She allegedly told her man that “Julius isn’t going anywhere.”

A source of frustration for the embattled rapper include his outlook on Beyonce and Julius. Naturally Julius is going to be quite close to the singer, but Jay-Z thinks that they are spending too much time together alone, behind closed doors. While the relationship definitely raises some eyebrows, perhaps Jay-Z should take a moment to look at his own personal actions before pointing the finger at any other person in his life.

If these reports are true and Beyonce was cheating on her man, she should consider going into some serious acting! Beyonce and Jay-Z, for all of their faults, have always presented themselves as one of the most complete couples in all of Hollywood. Beyonce has the “perfect family” face on lock. Sadly, it seems, that more and more skeletons are going to come tumbling out of their gigantic closets.

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