Victoria Beckham Turns 40: Cozy Birthday with Shirtless Husband David

Last Thursday, Victoria Beckham proved that nothing says, “Happy Birthday,” like seeing David Beckham without his shirt on.

The former Spice Girl turned 40 on April 17, and she shared her special day with her fans around the globe by posting a pic on Twitter. The casual photo shows the Beckhams relaxing on a couch. Victoria is outfitted in a red and white striped bikini and a ball cap, while David is smiling and shirtless.

Beckham stays busy with her work as a fashion designer, but she took time out last week to celebrate her big birthday with her husband and kids on a trip to the Grand Canyon. During the vacation, Beckham hiked in the Grand Canyon and enjoyed luxurious spa treatments. The day ended with a birthday dinner back in Malibu.

The Beckham’s 14 years of wedded bliss mean that their marriage has already outlasted many celebrity pairings. It’s not easy to maintain a normal, healthy marriage when you are living in the spotlight, but the two seem to have discovered the secret of success. The famous pair have four children from age two to 14: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, and Victoria is quick to brag that David is a “fabulous father.” The family also includes two bulldogs, Coco and Scarlet.

In a recent interview with Allure, Beckham also shared about the mutual support that they give to each other. Whether at home or at work, the Beckhams share responsibilities and put their family first.

Thanks to Victoria’s work in the music and fashion industries and Beckham’s soccer fame, the pair are currently one of the wealthiest couples in Great Britain. The couple shares their wealth on a regular basis with numerous charitable organizations, including Do Something, the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Save the Children.

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