Tori Spelling’s Husband Makes a Big Decision On “True Tori”

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

When it comes to relationship histrionics, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have the routine on lock. After becoming beloved for their family dynamic on reality television, they are now even more of a commodity as their fans worldwide have watched them fall apart. The most recent episode of “True Tori”, a documentary that follows Tori and Dean’s trip through marriage counseling, has Dean facing a life altering decision: Does he put his career in the backseat, or his family?

The final episode of Lifetime’s documentary series “True Tori” aired to gigantic ratings. The episode focused entirely on Dean and Tori and how they have to wrestle with one of the biggest choices of their lives. Does Dean quit on his family, for a few months at least, to head back to Toronto to shoot one more season of “Chopped Canada” or does he stay and focus on fixing his family?

For a struggling actor like Dean this is obviously a tough choice. How can he give up on his career when he has another chance to get in front of the camera? Tori was distraught at the idea, and rightfully so. Her husband’s fidelity came under fire after he was caught cheating with a woman from Toronto and now he has plans to go back while their marriage is still trying to heal!

Tori begged her husband to stay to try and heal the family before finally reconsidering and telling him to chase his career. Dean decided to not go on the trip and to stay behind but Tori eventually changed his mind. The reality star mother begged her husband to “be good” and to come back home and visit as often as possible. He promises to do so and then he is out of the door and off to Toronto. A voice over by Tori says that “Life’s not a fairy tale” and that she “might not get a happy ending”.

Regardless of the ominous finale episode, the docu-series managed to show a tangible improvement in Tori and Dean’s relationship. The celebrities both feel that they are in a better spot than they were and that there is at least hope to stay together.

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