Connor Cruise’s Relationship With Mom Nicole Kidman: Rocky Or Smooth?

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Connor Cruise, son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman has stated recently that his relationship with his mother is “solid”. Rumors have been circulating about Nicole abandoning her son and daughter with Tom after having children with her new husband Keith Urban, possibly because of differences over Scientology. The rumors started due to the lack of media pictures of her with the teens. To add fuel to the flames in 2007, Nicole admitted that her children have stopped calling her mom. She claims that Connor and his sister Isabella have found their own path, and this is a good thing. Connor says that family is everything and that he loves his Mom.

 Photo credit:   Imagecollect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Connor Cruise has followed in his parents footprints by acting in Red Dawn 2012 and Seven Pounds in 2008. Lately he has kept busy with music. He is referred tomusically as DJ Connor Cruise and is in demand for both his spinning talent and celebrity. It is generally agreed that he is in demand for his talent more than his name. Although he says that during the first year he had to prove himself as more than just a famous name and a real talent who can “read a room, program a set, and go for it.”

The fact is, that Connor is 19, and neither him, nor anyone else in his family has anything negative to say about each other. On the March 17th he tweeted: “My personal life is MY personal life. It is not YOUR personal life. Let me have that please. Thanks.” This time when a celebrity requests privacy perhaps we should listen. After all this is not a juicy sex scandal, or speculation about who is dating who. It is a son’s relationship, rocky or smooth, with his Mother. They may not be conventional, but who is these days?


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