Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Still Enjoying Family Time in Paris

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Though the magical Kimye wedding may be over, celebrities are still out in full force all across Europe. After the wedding ended most of the Kardashian and Jenner clan decided to head back home and, presumably, wash their hands of traveling abroad for awhile. Kourtney and Scott are two of the Kardashian family members that decided to stay behind and enjoy a little bit of quality time together before heading back home to Los Angeles.

Kourtney and Scott had Mason and Penelope, their son and daughter, in tow as they gallivanted around the city to take in the sights and get a little bit of shopping done. On their first day back in Paris Scott celebrated his 31st birthday with his family. A far cry from the heavy drinking days of his not so distant past. Instead of jaeger bombs and cold brews, Scott walked his family along the beautiful streets of the historic city.

Photo credit: kourtneykardash / Instagram

Photo credit: kourtneykardash / Instagram

The family of four was seen hitting up Ralph Lauren as well as Sonia Rykiel while they visited the Saint Germain des Pres area. From there the gorgeous little family visited Luxembourg and then the Yves Saint Laurent flagship store. When Scott and Kourtney were done doing their rounds they headed back to the hotel for what we can only assume was an early naptime.

The usually embattled couple was all smiles during their family trip and Kourtney and Scott even had the chance to have a quiet date night at the Eiffel Tower. Kourtney shared a ton of her photographs through Instagram and seemed absolutely enamoured by the city. After years of on again off again relationship issues, it is a refreshing thing to see the family pulling together and enjoying what appeared to be a somewhat conventional trip. Will it continue all the way back to America? Who knows? For now, though, Kourtney and Scott look like the picturesque couple.

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