Elisabeth Moss Calls Marriage To Fred Armisen ‘Extremely Traumatic’

 Photo credit:  / Prphotos

Photo credit: / Prphotos

The divorce between Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen may have happened a few years ago, but apparently the scars still remain as Moss reveals in a New York Magazine story. Anyone could have predicted the outcome for Moss and Armisen after a whirlwind romance, quick engagement and even quicker elopement in 2009. The marriage lasted all of ten months before divorce papers were signed. However, the quickie divorce apparently was not enough to stop the pain for Moss, who is now describing the marriage as “traumatic” and “horrible.” Moss believes that she was too young to have been married at the time however claims that she is glad she got through that at a young age since she feels it would be almost impossible to ever have a marriage that bad happen to her again. She is also relieved that she did not have any children during the mere ten month nuptials.

 Photo credit:   Prphotos

Photo credit: Prphotos

When asked how the gossip and tabloid stories surrounding the sudden divorce had affected Moss she says, “It just sucked.”

Moss is not divulging details as to exactly what made the SNL alumni so horrible, but in a 2012 interview she insinuated that his greatest impersonation was that of being a normal human being! That is some pretty harsh criticism. The star is not wasting any time with regrets, however, as she enjoys her AMC success with the hit show Mad Men. After seven seasons it has become more than obvious that Elisabeth Moss was the real star of the period drama all along.

For now Moss is enjoying her new found career power. After seven seasons of Mad Men she knows she has at least a little clout when it comes to choosing new projects. She is looking toward the future.

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