Is Jennifer Lopez Single Again?

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Casper Smart made headlines last week for getting in pretty deep with a woman on Instagram and then repeatedly “sexting” her. The texts leaked and the internet went wild with the information! Jennifer Lopez, Casper’s long time girlfriend, was reportedly not thrilled to hear that her man was cheating on her with some stranger on Instagram. Though Lopez has been largely silent throughout the whole ordeal, sources say that things aren’t going too good for the couple behind all of that silence. This isn’t the first time that Smart and Lopez have struggled together as they’ve dealt with “rough patches” as recently as two months ago.

Now Jennifer may be back on the market. Sources close to the couple say that while Lopez and Casper are “technically” still together, the time may be coming soon where they go their separate ways for good. Lopez is reportedly having trust issues over her mans latest infidelities, and rightfully so! Once a cheater always a cheater, even if it’s just on Instagram! Adding fuel to the fire of their relationship dissolving is the fact that Jennifer just may not have time to deal with him.

Sources close to J-Lo say that the actress, and singer, is more focused on her career than she has ever been. She is reportedly tired of dealing with Casper and doesn’t really have the time, or patience, to work things out with him. Jennifer is currently on the East Coast while Smart is on the West Coast.

While things definitely seem to be trending towards a dissolved relationship, no concrete word has come out from either celebrity. For the moment they seem intent on trying to weather the storm in at least a minimal way, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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