Trouble in Paradise: Kate Hudson on Relationship With Fiancé Matthew Bellamy

 Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Golden girl Kate Hudson and her musician fiancé, Matthew Bellamy, appear to be a perfect rock and roll couple. The bubbly actress and her crooner beau have been together since 2010 and have a son, Bingham Hawn. The likable Hudson and Muse singer are rarely photographed without being arm in arm with their toddler on tow, and Bellamy even had the crowd sing along to a “Happy Birthday” song for his wife at a recent Coachella performance.

But things aren’t always sunshine and rainbows for the couple, according to eyewitness reports. The actress was spotted arriving solo without her engagement ring at the posh BVLGARI’s Decades of Glamour event in February. Rumors began to fly that the twosome were on the outs due to relationship issues and opposite schedules, despite contradicting statements from their reps.

In a May issue of “Self” magazine, cover girl Hudson appears radiant and smiling. In her interview, the 35-year-old describes her challenges with her upcoming wedding and body issues. Hudson shares her admiration of glam actress mom, Goldie Hawn, and her boyfriend of thirty years, Kurt Russel, who have never been married. Kate quotes Mama’s advice of sticking to friendships in tough times, seemingly a veiled comment at a rocky relationship with Bellamy.

The two lovebirds met at a Muse gig in 2010, with Hudson coming out of a doomed marriage with scruffy rocker, Chris Robinson. Bellamy popped the question in the spring of 2011 before the birth of little Bing in the summer. A Hollywood source claims that the two went through relationship counselling and took a mini-break in the start of 2014 to work on their differences.

Their reps were quick to say that the paramours are just like any other couple with their problems and are trying to make their relationship work out. With Muse on tour yearly and Hudson’s busy filming schedule, most recently for the dram-com, “Wish I Was Here,” it’s no wonder that the two are occasionally rumored to be headed to Splitsville. Time will tell if this golden couple will see wedding bells or a very messy breakup.

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