Charlie Sheen Kicked Denise Richards Out Of Her House

 Photo credit: Charlie Sheen   Twitter

Photo credit: Charlie Sheen Twitter

The celebrity life, it seems, may be a zero-sum game, since for every bit of #winning that Charlie Sheen does, there has to be someone #losing on the other side. This time around, it seems that his ex-wife Denise Richards may be getting the short end of the stick, since Charlie’s announced that his former flame will no longer be getting access to his financial services, including the house that he bought for her and their two daughters.

Charlie’s always been a bad-boy writ large, but he’s pushed the envelope recently by announcing his engagement to porn starlet Brett Rossi, she with whom he fled on a sex-and-drugs binge to Hawaii following his divorce with Denise. Ever since the marriage to the new Mrs. Sheen, Denise announced that she would keep Charlie from seeing their two daughters, 9-year old Sam and 8-year old Lola. As a result, Charlie did exactly what we would expect from his sensible, level-headed record of relationships: decided that he wouldn’t stand for financing his ex and estranged children.

 Photo credit: Denise Richards  Twitter

Photo credit: Denise Richards Twitter

Charlie hasn’t paid child support in the past two months (a figure of no less than $110,000, which adds up to three-quarters of a million dollars per year) and threatened Denise in a Twitter spat that he would sell the house she and their kids live in — a house that he purchased specifically for them. Denise responded by asking Charlie not to air their dirty laundry in public.

It’s not the first time that Charlie’s been involved in family issues. Only a few months earlier, (another) former ex-wife Brooke Mueller sued him for custody and child support of their two twin sons Bob and Max, both 4 years old. Charlie’s since been involved in a court case to maintain custody of both kids while Brooke spent time in rehab for drugs.

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