Prince Harry Drunk-Dials Too! Find Out How Much Trouble He’s In…

Prince Harry Drunk-Dials Too!  Find Out How Much Trouble He's In

It’s good to be king — or rather, it’s good to be prince, as Prince Harry has shown throughout his life.  Ace helicopter pilot, ladies man, perhaps the most eligible bachelor in the world, and no worry about the responsibilities of his father and older brother.  Harry lives the good life and enjoys all the finer things, including top-shelf liquors.  Sometimes even the prince can have too much to drink, however, and when he does it turns a bit ugly.  Phone records reveal that Harry used to drunk-dial his ex-girlfriend, Zimbabwean model Chelsy Davy, whenever he’d had too much to drink with the lads.

Harry and Chelsy had something of a rocky relationship, with lots of offs and lots of ons.  The press, always eager for a story about the young prince, called it “turbulent” and wondered why Harry couldn’t settle down like his elder brother managed to do with Kate Middleton.  In fact, speaking of William, the phone records also showed that William left racy voice mails on Harry’s cell, mocking his younger brother and calling him a ginger.  The prince and the Zimbabwean called it quits in 2010, after she broke up with him in a much-maligned Facebook post.

Since the incident, Harry’s gone on to plenty of women in between and today is in a relationship with Cressida Bonas, with rumors about the two of them tying the knot despite no evidence to prove the allegations.  There’s also no evidence that Harry “bombards” his new squeeze with texts and calls like he used to do with Chelsy, especially when he was in “unregal” condition.

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