Future Denies Dating Blac Chyna: Tyga Not Bothered At All

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Well, this is awkward. Just days after starlet Blac Chyna got his name tattooed on her hand, hip hop star Future has denied all dating rumors and basically poured a bucket of cold water on the model.

Neither party confirmed the dating rumors, but numerous sources claimed that the pair was indeed hooking up. Then, Blac Chyna got the infamous tattoo and set the world ablaze.

A lot of people thought that that was her way of commenting on the situation, but it may seem that she and Future weren’t really on the same page when it came to their “relationship.”

The rapper and Ciara’s ex fiancé took to Twitter to insist that he’s a free man, despite all rumors circling him and Tyga’s ex fiancé. The hip hop performer wrote “Single and focusing on what makes me happy” and “You know I don’t f*** with no rumors” on his Twitter account, directly addressing the speculations.

The (not?) couple has been seen hanging out on several occasions over the course of the last few weeks, which sparker love rumors in the celebrity kingdom. Following the sightings, Chyna posted a picture of her new “future” tattoo on her Instagram account which she captioned “Thought it was a drought.” (referencing one of Future’s new songs).

One of the things that, perhaps, shocked the fans of hip hop stars the most was Tyga’s absolute indifference to the whole situation. Chyna’s ex fiancé, with whom she shares a son with, is really happy with reality star Kylie Jenner and he has no interest in her love life. Also, he and Future are close friends and he doesn’t want a beef with him.

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