Teen Bride: Has Kylie Jenner Tied The Knot?

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Only weeks after her high school graduation, Kylie Jenner, 17, has sparked rumours about getting hitched to boyfriend Tyga, 25.

The young Jenner posted a photo of herself on Instagram, wearing a new ring on her left ring finger, in addition to an old ring which may or may not have been an engagement ring.

What’s more, Jenner sort of shared the news on “I am Cait”, a docu-series about father Bruce Jenner’s sex change and transition into womanhood.

Kylie was presented with a photo of her paternal grandmother when she was the same age, who said to her granddaughter:

“I thought you should have this. It’s me when I was 17,” the 89-year-old said.

“Oh my God. Wait, we kind of look alike,” Jenner replied. “I definitely take the Jenner side.”

Caitlyn Jenner joined the conversation: “Here’s the kicker, she was 17 years old in this picture and she was married.”

Kylie Jenner then shared the shocking news: “Kind of like me.”

“I’d better not hear that from you,” Caitlyn replied.

In any case, the pair may be waiting for Kylie to turn 18 (it was her birthday yesterday) before making it official and we’ll be waiting to share the news as soon as it gets out.

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