No Downton Abbey Wedding for George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

It seems like yesterday that the world was fairly mum on who exactly Amal Alamuddin was. She was a relative nobody in the eye of the public spotlight. Now she is in position to bend her new man, George Clooney’s, little finger as they hunt for the perfect wedding host! The famous future-Clooney and civil rights lawyer has been making headlines for her decision to turn down the Highclere Castle in Downton as a marriage venue because “Katie Price got married there”

While Amal is no diva, at least in comparison to many of the Hollywood fiancees out there, she appears to know exactly what she doesn’t want from her mega star boyfriend. While Amal has admitted to not knowing too much “about celebrity” she was self aware enough to know who Katie Price was and recognize the possible media frenzy that would come if she and George tried to upstage the other celebs wedding.

Amal didn’t decide not to use the Highclere Castle on a whim as she was brought there, in person, by George! The two decided to take a trip to the famous castle, which is used extensively in the television series Downton Abbey, to see if it would work for their upcoming nuptials. While enamored with the beauty of the location, Amal made her plans clear at the end of the trip.

The trip to the castle was procured by Clooney’s good friend, Hugh Bonneville. Bonneville plays Lord Robert Crawley on the aforementioned Downton Abbey and got to be good friends with Clooney while filming The Monuments Men. Bonneville arranged a private tour of the entire estate for the celebrity couple.

So now Amal and George head back to the drawing board to try and find the perfect wedding location. When you are George Clooney you know that you have options, so why rush into anything?

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